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Eat Well Be Active

What is happening with Eat Well Be Active (the program)?

The Eat Well Be Active - Southwest Vic Program (EWBA - SW Vic) was funded from 2011-13 by the Australian Government Department of Health & Ageing - Healthy Communities Initiative as a Preventive Health program.  The funding for this program is now finished, however there are many lasting legacies from this project including ongoing programs such as Heart Foundation Walking, Heart Moves and resources to support agencies to assist their clients to Eat Well.

EWBA - SW Vic has been PART OF THE SOLUTION BY working with community support agencies and local government services to create opportunites for people to participate in physical activities and healthy eating-related activities for the long-term.

EWBA - SW Vic offered a mix of community walks, bike riding and low-moderate intensity fitness classes called Heartmoves as well as vegie gardening opportunities and healthy eating and cooking activities.

The summary and full reports on the Eat Well Be Active Program 2011-13 are available to download from this page.  They include recommendations and learnings from the project for Local Government, Disability Agencies and Health Professionals.

Eat Well Resources for Disability Agencies:

Another lasting legacy of the Eat Well Be Active Program are nutrition resources and ideas developed specifically for disability agencies, residences and carers.  These resources are available to download from this page.

Useful links for Disability Agencies and Carers

Department of Health and Ageing : www.health.gov.au
Heart Foundation www.heartfoundation.org.au
Heart Moves www.heartmoves.heartfoundation.org.au
AustCycle www.austcycle.com.au
Warrnambool Community Garden www.warrnamboolcg.wordpress.com
Community Kitchens www.communitykitchens.org.au
Mpower www.mpower.org.au
Swap It Don’t Stop It www.swapit.gov.au
Measure Up www.measureup.gov.au
Healthy and Active Australia www.healthyactive.gov.au